Our History

Mail Sale No. 1

Golden Oak Online Auctions began as Golden Oak Philatelic Mail Sales in 1993. It held numerous very successful mail sales in the 1990's and early 2000's. These sales also served as a testing ground for MKJ Associates, our associated company, which was then building Catalog Master, an enterprise-level software suite to run auction companies. Catalog Master is now used by many public auction houses on 3 continents, and is now one of the most powerful general-purpose software commercially available to manage auctions. In the 2000's we focused on developing and improving that software, and providing deep support to our auction house clients using it. In 2017 we began shifting focus from mail sales and public auctions, and began work on an internet-only auction, in essence repositioning Golden Oak.

Spear-headed by directors Michael K. Johnson and Tracy (Shreve) Carey, Golden Oak Online Auctions was created in response to what we perceive to be the growing online auction market. We are fusing our extensive auction experience with state of the art technology to create an easy to use online auction platform for stamps, coins, currency, art, antiques, autographs and much more. We aim to provide a global community of collectors and dealers with an effortless experience where they can browse, bid and buy, or sell and ship with ease.

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