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Michael K. Johnson   Michael K. Johnson Director and Auctioneer
He has been a full-time professional in the auction business now for over 41 years. He began collecting postage stamps at the age of six, and began buying and selling stamps as a professional in college. Strong academic background in math and computer science, also history and languages. Learned the auction and catalog business by working for Richard Wolffers Auctions, Inc. in San Francisco from 1978 to 1988, eventually ending up as general manager. In 1989 he worked for a year as a vice-president of Robert A. Siegel Auctions in New York (then the largest stamp auction firm in the world). He began MKJ Associates as a consulting and service group in 1990, after returning to California, and began developing the auction management software that eventually became Catalog Master. Began Golden Oak Philatelic Mail Sales (the predecessor of Golden Oak Online Auctions) in 1991. He is a recognized expert in many areas of rare stamps and rare books, and also has considerable experience in numismatics, autographs and other auction areas.
email   mkj@gooaucs.com
Tracy Carey   Tracy Carey Director and Auctioneer
Tracy (formerly Tracy L. Shreve) has been involved in the worldwide auction industry for over 31 years. She began her career at Steve Ivy Philatelic Auctions in 1988 and became a licensed auctioneer in 1990. In 1993, she and Charles Shreve, started their own auction company, Shreves Philatelic Galleries, Inc. Well respected as an auctioneer, she has been involved in some of the most important stamp sales ever recorded. Her knowledge in philately coupled with her extensive client relations has kept her at the top of her industry. In 2007, Shreves was sold to a global collectibles company based in London. Tracy served on the board of directors for Spink and Son, Ltd. and as C.O.O. for Spink USA Ltd., for five years. She left Spink in 2011 to pursue other interests. From 2013-2016, Carey served as Chief Operations Officer for Brigham Auctions Ltd., overseeing the sale of Ron Brigham's world renowned, award winning Canada collection. In 2017 she joined MKJ Associates as an auction consultant. From January 2018 to Sept 2019 she served as President and COO of Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC. She has been with GOOA since October 2019.
email   tracy@gooaucs.com     phone   214-356-4631
Sydney Shreve   Sydney Shreve Director of Marketing
Sydney completed his B.F.A. in Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art and Design in late 2018. Following his graduation he has worked in various product and graphic designer roles, before joining GOOA in 2020. Having been raised in the stamp auction business, he is excited to have combined his design passions with his family's industry.
email   sydney.n.shreve@gmail.com    
Chi Middleton   Chiemi Middleton Imaging and Data Entry
Chiemi ("Chi"), has been associated with our associate company, MKJ Associates, since August, 2013. Chi's background is in music where she completed her B.A. in Jazz Studies from Sonoma State University in Northern California in 1998. Alongside her music studies, Ms. Middleton has taught private piano instruction for over 20 years and has been involved with a variety of musical groups/productions. Chi works part-time with us and part-time with her music career.
  Alex Gill Alex Gill Content Writer for Stamps
Alex first became interested in philately while living in Australia when viewing an Australian collection. His role with Golden Oak Online Auctions includes writing philatelic related content and articles. Currently, he serves as an expertiser with The Philatelic Foundation in New York City, as well as Editor-in-Chief of two Wisconsin-based philatelic publications: Across The Fence Post and Badger Postal History. In addition, his work has been published in a series of publications including The American Philatelist. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
James Elmen   James Elmen Expert Consultant for World Coins
President of Worldwide Coins of California, with decades of experience in the auction business, James is widely recognized for his deep knowledge of European and Latin American coinage. He is a world authority on Russian coinage, and has handled some of the most important Russian coin collections ever formed. Member for many years of the prestigious International Association of Professional Numismatists. James has been associated with us in one way or another since June 2000.
  Robert Litzenberger   Robert Litzenberger Expert Consultant for Autographs
Robert entered the collectibles world in 2000, quickly establishing himself for his careful research, eye for the extraordinary, and unshakable integrity. He has distinguished himself at legendary auctioneers RM Smythe, continued with the international firm Spink, Inc, and served the Manuscript Society as its in-house writer, and editor of the Manuscript Society News. His expertise extends to historical documents and autographs, ephemera, collectible obsolete stocks and bonds, and collectible books.

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