Auction 62

August 25-26, 2023

Pre-sale bidding became available on our web site on Wednesday, August 9, 2023,
  and on Stamp Auction Network.
Pre-sale bidding will end 2 hours before the sale starts.
Public viewing for the sale begins Wednesday, August 23, 2023,
  at the Doubletree Hotel in Richardson (Dallas) Texas (near the DFW airport).
Live bidding on the sale begins Friday, August 25, 2023 at 6 PM CST (7PM EST, 4PM PST)
  and Saturday, August 26, 2023 at 6 PM CST (7PM EST, 4PM PST).
Live bidding during the sale will be available through
    Stamp Auction Network.

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Our Global Collections Sale features the estate of the renowned stamp and coin dealer David Lisot, plus many other U.S. and Worldwide collections. This is a public auction, with presale viewing and live floor bidding during the sale. We invite you to attend.

The sale begins with 218 choice lots of stamps from the British Commonwealth and Europe.

The sale continues the next day with 301 lots of worldwide collections, accumulations and dealers stocks, including stamps, covers, picture post cards, epehemera, and even coins. The last lot in the sale is an impressive dealers show stock of world coins.

Estimates on the collections range from as little as $75 all the way to $20,000, so there is clearly something for every budget. There are 105 collection lots estimated at $1000 or more each.

Good luck with your bidding!

Featured Items


Table of Contents

Lot 4   G.B. #93
Scott $5,000

Lot 35   Falklands #65-76 LH
Scott $4,800

Lot 41   Gibraltar #93 LH
Scott $1,750

Lot 65   Kenya & Uganda #41 LH
Scott $5,500

Lot 203   Iceland #108-128 NH
Scott $4,400

Lot 225   G.B., 1952-2022, Queen Elizabeth II issues,
a magnificent and nearly complete mint collection
SG £9,548

Lot 240   Canada, 1852-1963,
an outstanding mostly mint collection,
rich in high values, with much NH
Scott $8,250

Lot 338   Iran & Egypt, 1881-1973,
two interesting collections,
Iran catalogs $15,000+

Lot 384   U.S., 1938-1954, Presidential issue,
a high dollar value positional block collection,
Scott $$70,150+

Lot 395   U.S., 1851-1957,
an extensive dealer's stock,
Scott $45,000+

Lot 519   Worldwide coins, 300BC-1986,
a dealer's show stock of crowns and minors,
Retail $10,500+

    Session 1: Single Stamps and Sets
    At the Doubletree Hotel in Richardson (Dallas) Texas,
beginning at 6:00 PM Central time (4:00 PM Pacific time, 7:00 PM Eastern time)
    British Commonwealth - Single Stamps and Sets
1-8   Great Britain
9-17   Antigua through Canada
18-22   Cayman Islands
23-35   Falkland Islands
36-44   Fiji through Gold Coast
45-60   Ireland
61-65   Kenya & Uganda
66-73   New Guinea
74-77   New Zealand through Papua New Guinea
78-82   Rhodesia
83-88   The Saints
89-94   Sierra Leone
95-113   South African States including Cape of Good Hope
114-118   Tanganyika through Trinidad
    Europe & Colonies - Single Stamps and Sets
119-139   Austria
140-147   Belgium and France
148-153   Germany
154-156   Hungary and Italian Colonies
157-174   Liechtenstein and Luxembourg
175-186   Netherlands
187-189   Russia and Tannu Tuva
190-197   San Marino
198-212   Scandinavia
213-218   Spain and Vatican
    Session 2: Collections, Accumulations and Dealers Stocks
    At the Doubletree Hotel in Richardson (Dallas) Texas,
beginning at 6:00 PM Central time (4:00 PM Pacific time, 7:00 PM Eastern time)
    British Commonwealth Collections
219-231   Great Britain
232-235   British Asia through British Pacific
236-245   Canada and Provinces
246-261   Cayman Islands through Trinidad & Tobago
    Europe & Colonies Collections
262-269   Austria through Europe
270-282   France & Colonies
283-294   German Area, Greece and Hungary
295-301   Italy & Colonies
302-312   Latvia through Russia
313-323   Scandinavia
324-331   Serbia through Yugoslavia
    Asia Collections
332-336   Asia and China
337-344   Iran and Israel
345-348   Japan
349-355   Liberia, Mongolia, Nepal and Ryukyus
    Latin America Collections
356-359   Honduras and Mexico
360-363   Latin America Area Collections
    U.S. Collections, Accumulations and Dealers Stocks
364-371   Ephemera
372-388   U.S. Stamp Collections
389-394   U.S. Postal History Collections
395-410   U.S. Accumulations and Dealers Stocks
411-428   U.S. Back-of-the-Book Collections
429-446   U.S. Face Value Lots
447-456   U.S. Postage Plus Lots
457-457   Confederacy
458-463   U.S. and Foreign
464-469   U.S. Possessions and United Nations
    Worldwide Collections, Accumulations and Dealers Stocks
470-478   Worldwide Stamp Collections in International Albums
479-484   Worldwide Stamp and Cover Collections
485-493   Worldwide Accumulations of Stamp Collections in Albums
494-507   Worldwide Misc. Accumulations and Dealers Stocks
508-514   Worldwide Picture Post Cards and Covers
515-517   Worldwide Back-of-the-Book Collections
518-518   Worldwide Stamp Supplies
519-519   Worldwide Coins

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