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Albania, 1913-1984, the world-class collection in 9 volumes, formed by the late George McNamara. One of the finest collections of this area ever formed, meticulously collected by an experienced professional philatelist over many years. This could easily form the basis for a wonderful exhibition collection.
Volume 1 contains issues of 1913 through 1917. The Turkish overprinted issues (Scott 1 through 19) are nearly all signed and contain some great rarities, including #2a (used on piece, catalog value $1,600), 11 (used, catalog value $4,750), 15 (on piece, catalog value $1,750), 18 (two, each on piece, catalog value $5,000 total), and 19 (five used, catalog value $6,250 total). Total Scott catalog value for this group comes to $32,425. There are also some ministerial reprints (listed in Michel) and some postal stationery. A detailed inventory of these issues begins the PDF. And there are high resolution PDFs of each of the 7 pages of these issues - see below.
The handstamped issues are extensive and come to approximately $1000 catalog value. Skanderbeg issues add at least another $1000 catalog value including some nice usages on cover. And there are a couple hundred (at least) of the Korytsa issues, including some on cover; catalog value for this group comes to over $2000. Total catalog value for this volume is approximately $37,000.
Volume 2 contains issues of 1918 to 1925, including covers and postal stationery, and catalogs well over $2000.
Volume 3 contains issues of 1925 to 1939, including covers and many imperfs and essays. Catalog value comes to at least $1000.
Volumes 4 through 7 contain issues of the communist period.
Volume 8 contains miscellaneous issues, including Greek WWII Occupation of Albania (North Epirus), fantasy and bogus issues, Italian Offices in Albania and Italian Military Post in Albania, also Montenegro Occupation of Albania. This volume catalogs over $1500 for stamps alone, not counting the covers and postal stationery.
Volume 9 contains back-of-the-book issues, including postage dues, airmail (nearly complete to about 1940) and semi-postals. Best items are #C1-C7 imperf pairs (catalog value $6000) and #C22-C28 complete ($893). Catalog value for this volume comes to over $8000.
Images on the web cover volumes 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9 completely (each volume is a separate PDF). Total catalog value for the 9 volumes (not counting varieties, postal stationery and covers) comes to approximately $50,000.
Estimate $6,000 - 8,000

High resolution PDFs of each of the 7 pages containing the Turkish overprint issues (Scott Nos. 1-19, the key parts of the collection) are available.
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Realized $16,000

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